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Dear Rodney, Guy and I cannot thank you enough
for such an incredible performance.  Our friends
and families have not stopped commending us on
"Complete Desire"  as you could tell-we
all had a
Wonderful time.  Your professionalism expertise
and patience (with me) was greatly appreciated.  I
truly believe some day I will read about Rodney
Flash Epps making it big in Hollywood.  Best of
luck to you and your band and thank you again for
making our big day a very memorable and enjoyable
-Guy & Maria Fragle
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you
for making Super show '97 the best one ever.  Your
performance was inspired and your energy
infectious.  You truly "made the difference" for
Reebok at Super Show '97. -Best regards, Bob
Robert Meers, President & CEO Reebok
Dear Rodney, What a memorable moment June 7,
2002 was for Brice and Reid (as well as for Anna
Kate and me). A big chunk of the credit goes to
Complete Desire and all the fine folks who
represented your band so well.  Everyone's
thorough , professional approach, the groups
imagination and creativity, as well as the personal
warmth each of you brought to the Hipp Celebration
made a great package.  I have been booking bands
from the basement of the Phi Delt House in
Lexington, the pavilion at Pawleys Island and to the
top of Paris Mountain for forty plus years.  
Complete Desire gets full credit for being on the
scene six hours before start time.  It was obvious
you wanted to make sure that the venue was
appropriately prepared and the set up was arranged
to your high standards.  The quality of Complete
Desire's performance was reflected in the
thoroughness of your group.  We hope you enjoyed
that evening as much as the 400 people who
celebrated with us enjoyed you.  And, we would be
delighted to be a reference.  -Sincerely yours, Hayne
Hipp Chair & CEO Liberty Corporation
Rodney, Just wanted to share with you the
numerous e-mails and voice-mail responses I
received from everyone regarding the "Band" at
the party.  You guys were GREAT! Thanks again.
-Wanda S. Wynn
Hi Flash and Complete Desire! I dont know where
to begin!  Thank you for making my wedding the
best party I have ever been to in my life!!  I have
been getting e-mails, phone calls and letters from
all my guests saying how much they enjoyed ya'll.  
I have never seen so many people dance at a
wedding.  My sister is getting married next May
and she'll be calling you to book the date soon.. so
I can't wait until we all get to see you perform
again!  In my past job as a wedding planner out of
every band I have ever worked with you are not
only the best performers but the nicest and by far
the most professional!  I cannot express my
gratitude to you are the absolute
BEST!! Thanks, Ziggy Poore
Dear Flash, You and Complete Desire were
awesome!  Thank you for turning my wedding into
an all-out celebration, not to mention, being so easy
to work with and so accommodating.  You made
the whole process, from booking your band to
showing up and setting up for the reception,
absolutely easy and pleasant.  Thank you for your
hard work and TALENT.  Feel free to use me as a
reference- I would sing you and Complete Desire's
praises a million times over.
-Chilton Grace Simmons
On June 22, 2002, you gave the people in Selma
Alabama a show that has been much talked about
and will never be forgotten.  My entire family and
all of our friends agree that you did, in fact MAKE
our reception.. When anyone asks me what my
favorite part of the wedding was, my immediate
answer is ,"The band!"  You are an amazingly
talented group of artists.  Your music is
exceptional and your show unequaled, but more
than that, you are a most professional group of
people.  Working with you was at once easy and
fulfilling and each and every band member was a
true joy to work with.  You are truly the best of
the best in the industry and I was the luckiest
bride to have the opportunity to have you at our
wedding. I think my father told you that he has
represented people like Otis Redding and James
Brown in legal matters.  He said that you were
even better than they were and that you are on
your way to the big time.  Enjoy the ride and let
me know if there is ANYTHING I can ever do for
you.  You certainly did a lot for us and we will
never forget it  One more thing- the country club
manager called us to ask if we would have a
one-year anniversary part.  As it turns out, they
didn't much care about us, but wanted to see
Complete Desire again.  Thanks again for making
our night the best it could be.
-Currie Johnson Bucher
Hey Flash, this is Clark Womack and you played
for our Friday night rehearsal party in Raleigh on
June 16.  We were very pleased with the show
y'all put on.  I had never seen Complete Desire
and was a little nervous using someone I didn't
know for my wedding but had heard good things
about the band.  You guys came right out on time
and got people's attention right off and held
people all night.  Adults has told us they wouldn't
stay long but crowded the dance floor all night.
Our young friends who were more familiar with
other local party bands wanted to know where
we found you.  The set list was a good mix for
all ages and getting people involved was great.  
We cant wait to get the video back.  I think
you've already gotten a date from someone in the
crowd that night and we will steer people your
way.  If you want to use me as a reference that's
fine.  The party Friday night was more fun and
high energy than the reception where we had
-Clark Womack
Dear Rodney: As my wife and I reflect on our daughter's beautiful
wedding, there is no detail from the wedding itself to the reception
we would change.  It was an absolutely perfect evening in every
respect.  as far as our experience with your band Complete Desire,
it, too, was perfect in every respect.  When we started the process a
year ago, we looked at videos of a number of different bands and
yours "stood out from the rest".  We could not have been more
pleased with your professionalism from the moment we booked your
band until the reception was over and you were packing to leave.  It
was quite obvious with the number of people who stayed until the
absolute end, young and old alike, that the performance of your band
was phenomenal!  The delightful smiles on our daughter's and
son-in-law's faces as the danced with Complete Desire told it all!!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping provide a
wonderful lifetime of memories and feel free to use me as a
reference for future promotions for your band either by letter or by
-Kenneth E, Frick, DDS
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